Terrified To Go To A Design School?

I’ve taken a step in my game and decided that I will take a professional qualification in Design this year. Just like other people who feel like they don’t really fit in this field, I was also terrified to enter. Most of that was because I am nowhere near good neither an average drawer.
Although my mentality was pretty bleak, I still thought that somehow, maybe, just a try, I can do this.

So, I went to the Open Day of the college I’m going in. A graduate there said that I didn’t really need to be a good drawer. Correct. However, being a good drawer is quite an advantage. But if you’re not (just like me), that is still perfectly fine. You don’t need that as much anyway especially if you are pursuing for a corporate or a more formal type of career. Tip no. 1 though, GO TO AN OPEN DAY.

Research. “Hey, I am not a good drawer but ooohh, I’ve got this really cool idea I’ve gathered bits and pieces from different things that I’ve seen online.” You are on the right track. Just browse different websites like designspiration or designfiles and you’ll be able to see through what a good design really is.

Going places and just looking around is not a stressful thing to do. You need to break free. If you’re really interested in doing Design, just let go of everything bugging you and go to a museum or some art exhibition. Make sure though that it’s something that will not bore you otherwise, it’s gonna be a complete waste of time.

Judge the book by its cover. Contrary to the usual, it’s not bad to internally think and judge some design rollouts. Maybe the poster you’re passing through everytime you go to a lecture or work doesn’t look good. Does it really communicate well?
What about the business cards that people give you? Are they informative enough? Collect those typeset from the magazine – is the alignment of this and that effective? Soon enough, you’ll realise that really, saying comments about something can help you improve. But please, please, please, do not offend anyone when critiquing their work.

These are just some of the things that I could say for this moment.
It is fun to go to a design school especially if you know that by heart, it is something you want to do for the rest of your life.



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