Taste- Lettering and Layer

I really do apologise for the resolution that the image above is showing.

Last week, we were given the task to design a flyer for a Food and Wine Festival.

The main thing that the brief wants to showcase was to promote quality and lifestyle. Upon knowing that, I instantly thought that I should do something that with texture.

Texture. I came to the idea that quality can somehow really be shown by what’s on the inside of something. So my original plan was to pick a bold typeface and just think of something to put inside.
Unfortunately though, my plan didn’t happen. I sketched a couple of patterns but nothing seems to be working. That is okay. Yep, designers, (whether students or awesome artsy designy people) it’s okay and definitely normal to find yourself not satisfied with something. I changed my direction a little bit. I still feel like doing that ‘something on the inside’ though so I came up with the sketch on the photo above.

This is the back page
Taste- Back
(Again, my apologies for the resolution.)

I don’t think I’m yet ready to show the front page so I might work on it a little more and see how I go.

I put some strawberries and wine glass as the background of the artboard just so it won’t look super plain.
For both front and back page, I had that black line.

That’s all for this one! I hope everyone is fine.


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