Disclaimer: My thoughts. My thoughts. My thoughts. MY. MINE.

Yesterday, I watched the latest episode of the British TV Series “Skins.” I’ve been watching that since its first season so I probably expected some things to happen as episodes and seasons go by.

So, going back…. I watched the Part 2 of “Skins:Fire” which features Effy and what her current life is.
It’s a progress – she’s working professionally now, making millions but still committing mistakes. However, it left me questioning: What did the writers think when making this final Effy episode? She’s still a badass but it doesn’t feature much of her grief and internal sufferings. This post would pretty much be a contradicting and awkward one.
Back then, she was crying inside her room, going crazy looking for Pato (her stuff toy) because she’s deeply discomforted by everything. Now, she didn’t go crazy by the mistakes she had done. She even smiled at the end (not saying what happened).
She’s still the same but the amount of her cleverness got into a whole different level – she’s a professional assistant turned trader now. She’s left the aggressive teenage part of her life.
So I thought, maybe  on this final one, she has to be a grown up, she has to change some things at some point (of course, what was I thinking?) BUT… I thought she’s gonna be more sinful, more arrrrr but no.

Let’s talk about the ending.
Why did she smile?
Because she had finally done something right? Because something is yet to come? Because someone is to save her? Because there’s a revenge with the final event? WHY?

Naomi’s character from her first appearance up to this one has developed a lot. That girl who made Cook show off his oh-so-amazing tattoo was one of the most flexible characters. Unfortunately, she had to face this huge phenomenon that would pretty much change her and Emily’s relationship. I’m hoping that they will show how these two will end up.

Other thoughts:

    What would Cassie be without Sid? (One of the most awesome couples)
  • If they did some sort of professional career with Effy, why haven’t they shown us how Tony, Jal, pretty much everyone in the first gen. went? The first generation was incomparable!
  • Cook was mentioned….. I’m coming back to Effy and Freddie. Eff, as far as I know, haven’t had that much affection towards anyone else. Who would’ve thought that she’s gonna turn completely around as soon as Freddie came and got way too attached with her?

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