Growing Up: Part 1

Back when I was younger, I’ve always thought of just rushing things and getting a job. Pronto! Guess it wasn’t the best thing that a 16 year old could think of.
I want my freedom, my fully-grown-up self and my own ways but the thought of being 20 even 19 scared me at some point. What have I done with my 18 years of existence? In all honesty, I don’t know. It felt like a passing train in front of me. There was I – I’m 18.
Inside my head it was: “I should have really accomplished bigger stuff by now.”
I was wrong. Completely.

I’ve had some friends, some mates from college who help me surpass this annoying and unreasonable agitation. They say that being 18 isn’t yet the start of everything and even 20 is still a stage of making bad decisions and shifting goals. (Bless them for being such good guidance.)

There are people who are too early for things but nobody is too late for anything.
I was hit on my head by lots of self compromises. It didn’t let me grow, it just hurt me.

So if anyone is feeling unsettled at the same stage as mine, that’s okay. We have plenty of time thinking things over, slowly but surely creating ourselves and wandering.
Ask questions. Read books. Watch movies. Get a job! Socialise.

I hope everyone is doing fine.


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