Joining The Miley Train


Really, I put the live stream up to know who are going to receive which and what awards. Pretty happy with most recipients but a little disappointed with some.

The highlight, meaning one of the most controversial occurrence, was Miley Cyrus’ performance. Watching her perform, my thoughts were in between ‘I don’t actually care’ and ‘what is she doing?!!!!!!!!!!!’ After a few tweets and reading a couple of blog posts, I came to realise that I actually care or maybe I really should.

Many people are of the “Where is the old Hannah Montana?” issue and some are just about how she doesn’t really have an a** to be able to “twerk.”

Sure, the end of the semi-innocent Hannah Montana has come and everyone reacted differently but if I were to give my own opinion, I think I liked the change. How could she be her grown self if she wouldn’t at least change from being the young princess to a more mature person?

Although the massive change was acceptable, it is slightly appalling to see that Miley acts as if people’s say and opinions are irrelevant. It’s either she took the job more intensively than she should have to or she’s really showing off the other side. Is this the change that she wanted to achieve?
She’s Miley.

What is next?


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