Thoughts: The Fault in Our Stars

I had to put down the other post because I thought it wasn’t really a good one. It’s not something that when I get the time to read again, I will feel very impressed with myself. No, not at all.

I will try as much not to spoil. I’ll hold my own opinions.

So let’s talk about TFiOS.
This book was written by the great John Green, second father of the nerdfighters, one the YA kings.

She was just a normal friendly girl until she meets someone who kind of flips things around for her (Did I almost copy the summary written at the back of the book?).


I like this book.
Sad but indeed moving and self-empowering.

TFiOS had two of the things I love in a book – theme of empowerment and a LOVE STORY. Although I hate sad endings, I still think this one falls under the category of the best books that I’ve read.

You’ll just cry by knowing the characters from chapter to chapter. The book was narrated by Hazel – a young cancer patient who is far from having a cancer patient character. Although she was trapped inside this disease, her mindset and well-being seemed to not had been affected; she thought that everything even cancer itself is just a side effect of dying. A positive girl, really. She pretty much carries the proverb “Carpe Diem” all the time.

She met GUS, a man whom I personally would love to have in my life. If most men are like Gus, I don’t think bad relationships that the blame are pointed to men will exist. Gus is more than Gus from the first time you’ll meet him. He has these tiny things going around to make someone feel such deep emotion. He thrives to be a better man, not just to be boy who survived cancer and just goes with the flow.

Gus understands Hazel and vice versa.
They explain the communication that lovers should have.

The main plot (or as I see it) revolves around the characters meeting a guy who already had his name a huge one in Literature. I wish it had more events (but the book is gonna be a very long one, I know 😦 ) My only problem was the length of the book was not enough. I WANT TO HAVE MORE. But I understand that John Green, as great as he is, has many things to do, books to write and lessons to be shared to us.

That’s all I could say! What there is left is to meet the other supporting characters, the ending, the little things that Gus did for Hazel and Hazel did for Gus and the tears to be shed.

I’m rating it 5 out of 5.


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