Dystopia: The First Jumper and The Girl on Fire

I’ve been trying to formulate the best answer for the question when people ask me about the Divergent series”Isn’t it like The Hunger Games?”


I know that when you look from afar, you’ll see almost the same thing but look closely and you might change your opinion a little bit. So I’m saying this: NO, THEY ARE NOT COMPLETELY ALIKE. BUT I THINK THEY BOTH HOLD VALUES THAT THEY WANT US TO LIVE BY.
I don’t think I can come up with a final decision with which one I liked the most because they are both amazing and they really fit my needs when it comes to book reading. But I feel like I have to share just this one for I can no longer keep the answer that I think is right for the aforementioned question.

(I hope I don’t make anyone mad 😦 )

Yes, Divergent almost has the same format as THG but that’s mainly because they both fall under dystopia. HOWEVER, The Hunger Games focuses more on the representation of a District based on a person. Katniss, that is. Divergent on the other hand represents a whole faction but has a distinct person who shows real bravery (there are many but Tris was a pretty good (pretty good? MORE LIKE ONE OF THE BRAVEST!) one when it comes to bravery, isn’t she?).

I also see similarities on those two. The correlation is pretty high!

They both have the characters whom I look up to. They help readers build bravery in the most non-violent way, in the best way that it should be.

I like how Tris’ character was set progressively. It surprised me when at the end of the chapter she said, “I am selfish. I am brave.” (Still gives me the chills) We know that inside her, she was not completely selfless but neither able to do what the Dauntless could. To be able to stand for yourself is hard but just the thought of “being able to stand for yourself” is something we should look as a goal in life.
It feels the same way when Katniss risked her life and volunteered as a tribute (There was no chills but tears inside. Many people have been sacrificing themselves for their family. It’s a brave thing but more than than, it’s selfless.)

Firstly, WOMAN.
Male characters, the leading one, had been quite a mainstream – comics (which by the way, I am also into), films and even TV shows.
As soon as Tris gets inside the Dauntless faction, we meet Peter, seemingly dominating. But Tris fought her way to gain a higher rank. Dauntless is about bravery and let’s admit it, there’s quite a violence but did Tris use that to subdue Peter? NO. She used the bravery inside her.
Ahhhh! Katniss was underestimated quite a lot of times. Do you remember the time when Peeta left her? Yeah, it sucks but we know the story so Peeta, better be good next time. Back to being female.. Katniss never showed her weakness in front of the enemies, she never had that quitting moment even though her opponents had many weapons to use compare to bow and arrow.

(to be continued…)

There may or may not be a to be continued version. I hope I don’t get hated for this post but if I do, I’ll delete this. Maybe my account. And then my existence. KIDDING!

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Please let me know your thoughts down at the comments. Share them opinions! 🙂


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