Body Image and I

Body image has been a well-tackled yet an unanswered subject. We all talk about it yet we are not ready enough to face the fact that we are still pulled by the portrayal of the media about real sexiness, beauty and most of all, happiness.

A few years ago, I put myself in 38 kg. because I thought that being this small also demands for a body so skinny. I was completely wrong, an ignorant if you’re harsh. Did I make a good of myself? I felt amazing that time because I felt that “I belong” but it didn’t give my body any good. Those late nights that my tummy screamed, those days when I felt very uneasy because I was filled with nothing but water and a platelet of energy, I gave this body a suffering. Soon after, I researched on the things that could happen because I couldn’t take this lifestyle any further. I’ve read and watched videos about Dukan diet, the most mainstream back then. It was good, I thought because some celebrities follow it. I’ve gotten so much in social media and read about these stuff about being proud and fat, awesome and small, more and more digital empowerment. I had that moment (not a light bulb) when I thought, stop pushing yourself. Just stop. From there then, I thought, maybe Dukan is not the best for me. After all, I’m not a celebrity. After all, I love food as much as I should love this body.
It was the start of me not caring about my image but my health. A beginning of a Ceejay so awesome and small.

I follow blogs and people who share their thoughts and support to body image. I love those guys.
However, as I was looking up on people who are specifically have a great stance on being small, I didn’t see much. I’ve had a few, though (or I just didn’t search enough?). So I thought, maybe I could add on that few.

So… I, Ceejay, a lady born with a fun size, pledge to stand up with short people, with those who sometimes don’t get recognised in front of a restaurant counter because they’re way too small, with those people who wear high heels don’t feel awkward and most of all, with those people who think that any size, with healthy mind and being, is amazing.

Let’s all share life’s true meaning of beauty and being happy.


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