A Short Post: Celebrities

Not all celebrities are beauty queen tall. Think twice, not everyone in Hollywood have that certain height range to look and be as beautiful as what we see them.

Here are some of the big names who belong in my height category.

1. Anna Kendrick


(c) fanzee.com

She is 5 – 5’1 tall. I thought of her as being 5’2 but she wasn’t.

2. Vanessa Hudgens


(c) gotceleb.com

The girl who made up my early teenage life is standing around 5’1. She is an absolute talent.

3. Lady Gaga


(c) idolator

The “Mother Monster” has a frame of a 5’1. Gaga is such a proud advocate of her size. Just recently, she posted a photo of her body, talked about it and how she overcome the anxiety of having an eating disorder. She may be portrayed differently in other aspect but Stefani Germanotta (her real name) is a true inspiration when it comes to confidence in body image.

4. Amy Poehler


(c) fashionmagazine247

The comedienne, woman activist stands at 5’2. Looks very stunning and awesome at that physique!

5. Avril Lavigne

(c) Desiree Stimpert

(c) Desiree Stimpert












The lady rocker is of 155cm. It doesn’t look evident on TV, does it?


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