Complete Opposite

Months ago, I was a high school student who played it cool yet got almost deranged because of the amount of work I have to finish. We were all on that stage.

I might’ve took that to the next level. My sleeping pattern got really loopy. Bedtime around 1AM to 3AM, wake up at 7 to prepare for school. To not fix my mental schedule was seriously one of the worst actions of my life.

Procrastination. AHA!


Recently, I planned to twist things. Luckily, I have a super flexible schedule for my lectures.
I couldn’t go exercising during the middle of the day because I’ve got assignments to work on. Couldn’t work out at night because that’s when I become so mentally active, I think of the most important things that I have to work on for tomorrow. Mainly though, I can’t go exercising in the middle or end of the day because I don’t really wanna enter a gym. So I thought, why not go for the good old way? Running in the morning.
I wake up early nowadays. 5- 6 in the morning, you’ll see me preparing or eating my cereal.

It feels like running in the morning is an essential part of a good lifestyle. I get to be healthy (along with moderation in everything), and I get to start the day very lively.

So why don’t ya?


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