Black and White

The Daily Prompt today asks us bloggers to tell about our favourite character whom we want to have a heart-to-heart talk.
My first reaction was: Oh boy, why this question?
I thought of saving this topic for another time but if I do, I’d probably have a hundred of people in my head.

So in a very abrupt and unrehearsed way, I would go for the good old Atticus Finch.
You know that guy who apparently crossed a social taboo for being his own superhero? That creation of Harper Lee from the 1930’s? That’s him.

Well, I could’ve talked about my favourite women; Skyler White and Hannah Horvath. If I do though, I might need another day to consolidate my ideas and write it coherently. I also thought of Piper Chapman and have all the random thoughts I have on her and just the whole Orange is the New Black. HANNA from the movie of the same title is one heck of a badass assassin. CAPTAIN MARVEL, the lady who broke it for all the dudes in the world of Marvel because hello, women could also be superhero. But I won’t have much questions to ask her.

Let me give you a brief story.
Back in the 30’s, prejudice is a major issue particularly between the black and the white. See, justice during that time was pretty one-sided considering that racism was prominent. Atticus Finch, a lawyer of the best kind, protected and defended Tom Robinson, an African American who was accused of raping a white girl, Mayella Ewell. Despite the fact that Atticus’ action was a total disgrace, he continued to disregard the mass and fight for what he thought was right.

When I have the chance to talk to him face to face, I’d probably ask for tips. I’d tell/ask him…

  • You were an insurgent for all the good reasons that time. How hard was it to oppose the mainstream?
  • I feel like I want to be a lawyer. Or maybe not. BUT I’m a big fan of equality. You’re my idol. (This is just a fangirl statement.)
  • Why do you think there was a line between black and white? I mean.. I know they were sold and bought as slaves but aren’t we all a slave in our own ways to begin with? Does ignorance relate to this?
  • Your thoughts on diversity?
  • Do you think justice from back then up to now improved? In what ways?
  • LOGIC OR EMOTIONS. I always have that heart vs. head dilemma. What’s your side?

That’s probably just 10% of it.
By the way, how stupid were/are the cults condemning specific subclass in the society? Right?

I’ve learned a lot from this guy. He deserves a statue or maybe a place should be named after him.


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