Whilst everyone already knows what they will be in 10 years time and have already planned ahead, I’m still stuck here, having that moment thinking  what I really want to be. Wait, didn’t I tell in my past post about not rushing things? I KNOW. But then again, I have this silly impression in life that at this stage, I should already have a definite direction.

I am the shittiest (if that’s a word).

I try not to think of it as much but the more I feel like forgetting it, the more I stress about not being the person I wish to be – the semi-rich and the purposeful. The more I think about a long-term future job, the more I seek for other paths. The more I feel like I should do something, the more I realise that I will just waste it because I love other different things.
What am I gonna be in 3-5 years? Whatever it is, it scares me.

I’ll be 19 in a few months. I know. Such ridiculous issue. I have many of them.


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