Women Have A Choice

It feels slightly awkward for a young person to talk about this. What the heck.
Not my story but thought I was going to share. Worry not, nobody knows and she probably doesn’t mind.

An elder friend of mine has a younger brother, around the age of 25. Unexpectedly, her brother already has 2 kids for the last 2 years. Another unexpected event: there’s another one coming up. Happy happy, lots of baby! It wasn’t for the situation being. His brother is a freelancer and only earns enough to feed the family. The baby was a blessing but it is yet another life to feed, another child to invest money on.

So, isn’t it happy? Is this about getting a job for the man? NO.
My friend, as his elder sister, advised the couple not to have one until they both land a good job and fix their lifestyle. Now, there will be another one. It upset my friend. By the way, they are really close and the younger brother is quite naive in terms of having a family and all that.

Who did my friend blame about the pregnancy? The mother.

Okay. Let’s set aside the responsibility of raising a child.
I don’t understand my friend. Her argument was, “It was (younger brother’s partner’s name) fault. She shouldn’t have let herself got pregnant on the first place. Now what?” The blame that people are putting upon women is ridiculous.
Yep. ‘Cause she makes baby on her own. She doesn’t need sperm or anything so it doesn’t really matter if the male lacks knowledge when it comes to having intercourse.

I’m not saying that pregnancy is something bad but for the circumstance, it was needed to be controlled.
Firstly, education. WHAT EVEN???? Need I say more?
Second, woman should be able to reach for help when it comes to this. She is the one giving birth. She should know that she has options.

Have I mentioned that they both live in the a developing country, a place where giving a woman a choice about birth had been a dilemma for the past months? Gladly, the bill was already approved but that’s something I should leave now. It’s been done.

It’s not always the female’s fault. It sounds scary to choose what is better but at the end of the day, it is ours who will ultimately benefit from it.
I wish the young couple the best.


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