Looking Back

January 2 feature of The Daily Post was about progress, progress that my blog will have when I look back at it on the same month and date in 2015.

Well, let me just tell you first a brief and blurry view that I see.
January 2, 2015.
I’m rejoicing because I don’t have to bother on lots of things. Break from uni, good time with the family. I am still blogging and in 2015, I’d probably assure that I already bought a journal for the year.
I might be reading the book that I planned to finish months ago. I am still writing.

I’d like to see litlass.wordpress.com with a better writing articles, better feature and a very substantial posts. More Sherlock thoughts (which hopefully will happen because episode 3 is close and it’s another long wait for series 4), more thoughts for issues that I feel I’m involved with.
And photographs! ‘Cause yeah, I finally learn how to perfectly operate a manual camera.

To be honest, the things that I’ve listed are pretty shallow.
I hope that’s acceptable.


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