Do I deserve living at West End?

I’ve always wanted to have a studio-type apartment in an area quite far from us called West End.

That place is a dream for me. The flats, shops, New York-y feel and pretty much everything make me want to move down there.
It is in my lack of fortune though that places like that call for a not-so-student fee. I am broke and stressed with the life that I’m not sure where headed to.

I currently live in a place that’s an hour travel away the city and 45 minutes from university. Here is the spot where crime or rage is usually heard (more likely because of a certain race that’s living here(I strongly disagree with that though because I’ve got a lot of friends from that subclass)). Though it sounds like a bad space, I still feel very at home and comfortable around.

At West End, there are cafes and bakeries too nice and amazing. With all that and a best friend as a roommate, life at West End will definitely be worth it.


One thought on “Do I deserve living at West End?

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