Things Going On..

I’ve missed this — the procrastination, late night readings, and other worries.

Did I mention procrastination? YES, I DID.

So here I am at 1 in the morning trying to understand this old guy. I have to admit, Philosophy is a confusing road but I’d like to think that this just a challenge.
How’s Philosophy? Well.. I have been enjoying it so far. Though the other day, I was bothered because I heard someone say something bad about what I feel for the readings for Phil. I’m still bothered and I’m worried of what’s gonna happen in our next meeting. 6 more meetings I get to see (or worst interact) with that person. I just hate how there are still bits and pieces of social anxiety and distress left in my being.

I’m indecisive everyday. Yesterday I thought of going to law school, the other I thought of moving out of Communication. I know that the future is still a surprise but I can’t help thinking about unemployment after getting 2 degrees. It’s stressful and crazy.

There’s your update.


PS: Also, I’ll be posting some short stories that I made. 🙂


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