Black and White

The Daily Prompt today asks us bloggers to tell about our favourite character whom we want to have a heart-to-heart talk.
My first reaction was: Oh boy, why this question?
I thought of saving this topic for another time but if I do, I’d probably have a hundred of people in my head.

So in a very abrupt and unrehearsed way, I would go for the good old Atticus Finch.
You know that guy who apparently crossed a social taboo for being his own superhero? That creation of Harper Lee from the 1930’s? That’s him.

Well, I could’ve talked about my favourite women; Skyler White and Hannah Horvath. If I do though, I might need another day to consolidate my ideas and write it coherently. I also thought of Piper Chapman and have all the random thoughts I have on her and just the whole Orange is the New Black. HANNA from the movie of the same title is one heck of a badass assassin. CAPTAIN MARVEL, the lady who broke it for all the dudes in the world of Marvel because hello, women could also be superhero. But I won’t have much questions to ask her.

Let me give you a brief story.
Back in the 30’s, prejudice is a major issue particularly between the black and the white. See, justice during that time was pretty one-sided considering that racism was prominent. Atticus Finch, a lawyer of the best kind, protected and defended Tom Robinson, an African American who was accused of raping a white girl, Mayella Ewell. Despite the fact that Atticus’ action was a total disgrace, he continued to disregard the mass and fight for what he thought was right.

When I have the chance to talk to him face to face, I’d probably ask for tips. I’d tell/ask him…

  • You were an insurgent for all the good reasons that time. How hard was it to oppose the mainstream?
  • I feel like I want to be a lawyer. Or maybe not. BUT I’m a big fan of equality. You’re my idol. (This is just a fangirl statement.)
  • Why do you think there was a line between black and white? I mean.. I know they were sold and bought as slaves but aren’t we all a slave in our own ways to begin with? Does ignorance relate to this?
  • Your thoughts on diversity?
  • Do you think justice from back then up to now improved? In what ways?
  • LOGIC OR EMOTIONS. I always have that heart vs. head dilemma. What’s your side?

That’s probably just 10% of it.
By the way, how stupid were/are the cults condemning specific subclass in the society? Right?

I’ve learned a lot from this guy. He deserves a statue or maybe a place should be named after him.


Dystopia: The First Jumper and The Girl on Fire

I’ve been trying to formulate the best answer for the question when people ask me about the Divergent series”Isn’t it like The Hunger Games?”


I know that when you look from afar, you’ll see almost the same thing but look closely and you might change your opinion a little bit. So I’m saying this: NO, THEY ARE NOT COMPLETELY ALIKE. BUT I THINK THEY BOTH HOLD VALUES THAT THEY WANT US TO LIVE BY.
I don’t think I can come up with a final decision with which one I liked the most because they are both amazing and they really fit my needs when it comes to book reading. But I feel like I have to share just this one for I can no longer keep the answer that I think is right for the aforementioned question.

(I hope I don’t make anyone mad 😦 )

Yes, Divergent almost has the same format as THG but that’s mainly because they both fall under dystopia. HOWEVER, The Hunger Games focuses more on the representation of a District based on a person. Katniss, that is. Divergent on the other hand represents a whole faction but has a distinct person who shows real bravery (there are many but Tris was a pretty good (pretty good? MORE LIKE ONE OF THE BRAVEST!) one when it comes to bravery, isn’t she?).

I also see similarities on those two. The correlation is pretty high!

They both have the characters whom I look up to. They help readers build bravery in the most non-violent way, in the best way that it should be.

I like how Tris’ character was set progressively. It surprised me when at the end of the chapter she said, “I am selfish. I am brave.” (Still gives me the chills) We know that inside her, she was not completely selfless but neither able to do what the Dauntless could. To be able to stand for yourself is hard but just the thought of “being able to stand for yourself” is something we should look as a goal in life.
It feels the same way when Katniss risked her life and volunteered as a tribute (There was no chills but tears inside. Many people have been sacrificing themselves for their family. It’s a brave thing but more than than, it’s selfless.)

Firstly, WOMAN.
Male characters, the leading one, had been quite a mainstream – comics (which by the way, I am also into), films and even TV shows.
As soon as Tris gets inside the Dauntless faction, we meet Peter, seemingly dominating. But Tris fought her way to gain a higher rank. Dauntless is about bravery and let’s admit it, there’s quite a violence but did Tris use that to subdue Peter? NO. She used the bravery inside her.
Ahhhh! Katniss was underestimated quite a lot of times. Do you remember the time when Peeta left her? Yeah, it sucks but we know the story so Peeta, better be good next time. Back to being female.. Katniss never showed her weakness in front of the enemies, she never had that quitting moment even though her opponents had many weapons to use compare to bow and arrow.

(to be continued…)

There may or may not be a to be continued version. I hope I don’t get hated for this post but if I do, I’ll delete this. Maybe my account. And then my existence. KIDDING!

I’m just gonna add: Please check this out because I don’t know, maybe you want a giveaway?

Please let me know your thoughts down at the comments. Share them opinions! 🙂

Thoughts: The Fault in Our Stars

I had to put down the other post because I thought it wasn’t really a good one. It’s not something that when I get the time to read again, I will feel very impressed with myself. No, not at all.

I will try as much not to spoil. I’ll hold my own opinions.

So let’s talk about TFiOS.
This book was written by the great John Green, second father of the nerdfighters, one the YA kings.

She was just a normal friendly girl until she meets someone who kind of flips things around for her (Did I almost copy the summary written at the back of the book?).


I like this book.
Sad but indeed moving and self-empowering.

TFiOS had two of the things I love in a book – theme of empowerment and a LOVE STORY. Although I hate sad endings, I still think this one falls under the category of the best books that I’ve read.

You’ll just cry by knowing the characters from chapter to chapter. The book was narrated by Hazel – a young cancer patient who is far from having a cancer patient character. Although she was trapped inside this disease, her mindset and well-being seemed to not had been affected; she thought that everything even cancer itself is just a side effect of dying. A positive girl, really. She pretty much carries the proverb “Carpe Diem” all the time.

She met GUS, a man whom I personally would love to have in my life. If most men are like Gus, I don’t think bad relationships that the blame are pointed to men will exist. Gus is more than Gus from the first time you’ll meet him. He has these tiny things going around to make someone feel such deep emotion. He thrives to be a better man, not just to be boy who survived cancer and just goes with the flow.

Gus understands Hazel and vice versa.
They explain the communication that lovers should have.

The main plot (or as I see it) revolves around the characters meeting a guy who already had his name a huge one in Literature. I wish it had more events (but the book is gonna be a very long one, I know 😦 ) My only problem was the length of the book was not enough. I WANT TO HAVE MORE. But I understand that John Green, as great as he is, has many things to do, books to write and lessons to be shared to us.

That’s all I could say! What there is left is to meet the other supporting characters, the ending, the little things that Gus did for Hazel and Hazel did for Gus and the tears to be shed.

I’m rating it 5 out of 5.

Brisbane Writer’s Festival ’13

Last September, one of the biggest week-long event for writers, aspiring writers, readers and those who build a world around books and reading was held in Brisbane.
There were different sessions occurring from time to time and you’ll just go crazy on which one to attend.

Several artists who represented and talked about the area of their forte came. Monica Dux and Anne Summers were just two of the awesome ladies who shared their view on feminism. Robert Hoge was there to inspire people with his personal experiences. Scott Westerfeld (who I got myself caught in embarrassment out of excessive fangirl feelings but we’ll talk about that later) was also there to discuss his thoughts before and whilst working on the Leviathan series. The power couple Kelly Sue deConnick and Matt Fraction (my personal favourites) shared their stories about comics and the world of superheroes. MANY MORE!

BWF IllustrationThe awesome illustration by Studio None for the event. All the other advertising roll outs revolved around the entirety of this art.


Kid’s Corner

Here was where children’s books were displayed and read by the authors. Don’t underestimate! If you think that illustrating for a children’s book is a “..yada yada” thing, it’s the opposite. It takes an open mind to share kids stories.

Team deFraction

Team deFraction

I haven’t exposed much about my undying love for comics but soon, I will.
Anyway! Matt Fraction and Kelly Sue deConnick are just two of the hundreds of people who keep us entertained by writing the story of our loved superheroes and characters. They are both freelancers but other people most know them for writing Marvel characters – Kelly writes for Captain Marvel and also Avengers Assemble and Matt for HAWKEYE, Uncanny X-Men, Fantastic Four and FF (which he had recently dropped for another Marvel superhero).
They told what it is like to work in this huge society of fantasy. With excitement, they also shared their love story.
On a very personal note, meeting them was one of the best times of my life.


A blurred (sorry!) picture of Monica Dux.

I was close enough to see how gorgeous Monica Dux with the other ladies were during this talk about feminism.

Another talk about the fantastic females of this world.

Another talk about the fantastic females of this world.

Empowering women over there. Kelly Sue deConnick was there to tell us about female superheroes – what they really are, what they do and what the society think of them as opposed the multitude of male superheroes. Catherine Fox giving facts and stats about women on the workforce. Hey, workforce and most of it aren’t only for males even after women give birth to the youngling. Antonia Kidman gave a speech about women in Literature. She included one of my favourite characters, Scout from To Kill A Mockingbird as a model for her female advocacy.

I wish I could document everything! That event was a blast and really, a good time to take a break and just enjoy the wonders of the things written on that piece of stationary.

Brisbane Writer’s Festival is a wide and very welcoming celebration so everybody who is up for some laughs and thoughts should definitely try coming.

3 People I Consider As My Hero (Modern Day Edition)

I’m just gonna assume that everyone has had a hero/character who they want to be or look up to.
You might’ve liked Superman at one point because he’s the “Man of Steel.” Maybe you are a fan of MLK because he has a dream and his determination was undeniably exceptional. Or Barney Stinson is someone you follow because you think that his ways are aw……..

As for me, I had lots. Today, I started idolising her because blah blah blah. The next day, I’ll find out someone who had the craziest story and add him/her to my “these are awesome people” list and it will be a huge pile of names.
From my list, I chose 3 people who I considered as my “hero.” No, not the Superman type nor that someone who saved me from doing silly things.

Here it goes.

  • Stefan Sagmeister

This guy from this post is probably the least exposed to everyday society. Sagmeister, for those who don’t know, is a designer who creates very distinct and revolutionary pieces.
I see him as if he was born for the sole purpose of visually enlightening people. Sagmeister is my hero because he shows what it really is to be bold, be different but in a non-cynical way and I think that’s what should people be like regardless of profession or societal disposition.
I’m glad that many people who think like Sagmeister are alive.

Not only is Stefan fond of designing, he also gives talks to inspire and advise people.
Here are some of which:
7 Rules for Making More Happiness
The Power of Time Off
Happiness by Design

So if you think Stefan is not your man because you’re not into designing, na-aah. His thoughts encompasses relevant issues in the society.

  • George Takei

I think you should like his page. Apart from being the Captain and soon Commander in Chief, he is also a comedic one. Sure, he’s not Spock but he thinks so logical in life. What can I say about this guy on being a hero to me? Nothing. He’s my hero for being a genuine George Takei.

  • Lena Dunham

I didn’t put her because she is, as well, a feminist. She has a story that everyone should know.
You might know her as Hannah Horvath from HBO’s Girls. Lena or must I say Hannah is definitely what I am currently. Stupid decisions and the good ol’ Carpe Diem, oh hey! I like her thoughts. I like how she doesn’t let negative, even harsh critiques get by the message she was aiming to send people.
Also, Lena shows that women, regardless of their size, is amazing. I strongly agree!
A lot have been reacting about how disdainful this girl is but it’s part of the media. Lena knows her game and for that reason, she is one of the best heroes I’ve come across in my years of existence.

I’ve got lots if I didn’t choose to put 3. Other of the meaningful people in life are Harper Lee, Macklemore, John Green and a lot more!
Really, there’d be thousands of people who would mould you. Not just yourself.