What Defines You?

“I used their negativity to light my fire to keep going. Use that.”
– Lizzie Velasquez

I make it a part of my day (or sometimes week) to read and watch articles and clips that will help me relax, feel fulfilled and be inspired.
As I scroll down Huffington Post’s facebook page, this post titled ‘Labeled ‘World’s Ugliest Woman,’ Motivational Speaker Turns Hate Into Love’ instantly caught my attention as I have this really almost cringe-y, trembling, unexplainable feeling whenever I see the word “ugly.” I feel this sudden urge to roll my eyes when¬†someone regards someone as “ugly.” Without a second, I clicked through the link and there were my feelings, ¬†– both happy and sad, and a million of other emotions. Happy that I met this gem, Lizzie Velasquez, a motivational speaker and the lady on the video that I watched, who gave me a more open thought of who and what should define me as a person. Sad about the bullies and sadder that I was, for some time in my life, one of them. A million of other emotions that the hundreds of emoticons on my phone can’t even explain. One of which is my thought of electing Lizzie as my best friend because she has a good hair and she likes it.

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