Brisbane Writer’s Festival ’13

Last September, one of the biggest week-long event for writers, aspiring writers, readers and those who build a world around books and reading was held in Brisbane.
There were different sessions occurring from time to time and you’ll just go crazy on which one to attend.

Several artists who represented and talked about the area of their forte came. Monica Dux and Anne Summers were just two of the awesome ladies who shared their view on feminism. Robert Hoge was there to inspire people with his personal experiences. Scott Westerfeld (who I got myself caught in embarrassment out of excessive fangirl feelings but we’ll talk about that later) was also there to discuss his thoughts before and whilst working on the Leviathan series. The power couple Kelly Sue deConnick and Matt Fraction (my personal favourites) shared their stories about comics and the world of superheroes. MANY MORE!

BWF IllustrationThe awesome illustration by Studio None for the event. All the other advertising roll outs revolved around the entirety of this art.


Kid’s Corner

Here was where children’s books were displayed and read by the authors. Don’t underestimate! If you think that illustrating for a children’s book is a “..yada yada” thing, it’s the opposite. It takes an open mind to share kids stories.

Team deFraction

Team deFraction

I haven’t exposed much about my undying love for comics but soon, I will.
Anyway! Matt Fraction and Kelly Sue deConnick are just two of the hundreds of people who keep us entertained by writing the story of our loved superheroes and characters. They are both freelancers but other people most know them for writing Marvel characters – Kelly writes for Captain Marvel and also Avengers Assemble and Matt for HAWKEYE, Uncanny X-Men, Fantastic Four and FF (which he had recently dropped for another Marvel superhero).
They told what it is like to work in this huge society of fantasy. With excitement, they also shared their love story.
On a very personal note, meeting them was one of the best times of my life.


A blurred (sorry!) picture of Monica Dux.

I was close enough to see how gorgeous Monica Dux with the other ladies were during this talk about feminism.

Another talk about the fantastic females of this world.

Another talk about the fantastic females of this world.

Empowering women over there. Kelly Sue deConnick was there to tell us about female superheroes – what they really are, what they do and what the society think of them as opposed the multitude of male superheroes. Catherine Fox giving facts and stats about women on the workforce. Hey, workforce and most of it aren’t only for males even after women give birth to the youngling. Antonia Kidman gave a speech about women in Literature. She included one of my favourite characters, Scout from To Kill A Mockingbird as a model for her female advocacy.

I wish I could document everything! That event was a blast and really, a good time to take a break and just enjoy the wonders of the things written on that piece of stationary.

Brisbane Writer’s Festival is a wide and very welcoming celebration so everybody who is up for some laughs and thoughts should definitely try coming.