A Short Post: Celebrities

Not all celebrities are beauty queen tall. Think twice, not everyone in Hollywood have that certain height range to look and be as beautiful as what we see them.

Here are some of the big names who belong in my height category.

1. Anna Kendrick


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She is 5 – 5’1 tall. I thought of her as being 5’2 but she wasn’t.

2. Vanessa Hudgens


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The girl who made up my early teenage life is standing around 5’1. She is an absolute talent.

3. Lady Gaga


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The “Mother Monster” has a frame of a 5’1. Gaga is such a proud advocate of her size. Just recently, she posted a photo of her body, talked about it and how she overcome the anxiety of having an eating disorder. She may be portrayed differently in other aspect but Stefani Germanotta (her real name) is a true inspiration when it comes to confidence in body image.

4. Amy Poehler


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The comedienne, woman activist stands at 5’2. Looks very stunning and awesome at that physique!

5. Avril Lavigne

(c) Desiree Stimpert

(c) Desiree Stimpert












The lady rocker is of 155cm. It doesn’t look evident on TV, does it?


Someone Has a Character Issue

Last last week, I had the time to skim through some opinion-based articles. Nothing beats editorials. One of my favourites was Anna Gunn’s thoughts on the very responsive audience towards her character Skyler White on the show Breaking Bad. (If you’re not watching Breaking Bad, I think you should consider.)

Although Skyler is perceived to be one of  the most evil characters, it is indeed true that other issues on her side were not covered by some fellow Breaking Bad fans. What we see on Skyler is she ruins Walt’s character or she’s a skeptic woman who kept on intervening on Walt’s business. It is a little acceptable knowing that she didn’t know that her beloved husband is doing all of these (cooking Meth bit) to feed her and the rest of the Whites. Unfortunately, we didn’t regard the evident fact that some of Walt’s action got her ruined as a mother, a housewife and a woman.

Anna Gunn stated, “But I finally realized that most people’s hatred of Skyler had little to do with me and a lot to do with their own perception of women and wives. Because Skyler didn’t conform to a comfortable ideal of the archetypical female, she had become a kind of Rorschach test for society, a measure of our attitudes toward gender.”

Anna was true. Are women, wives to be specific, fully classified as a nagging, you-only-stay-at-home subclass of this society?

If you may remember, she was raped, lied to and almost felt like cheated on. Has anyone noticed that? Yeah, it was maybe noticed but she never gained sympathy from the viewers because Walt is always the focus, Walt is always the good person, Walt is definitely more upright than Skyler for doing such heroic things. WALTER IS THE MAN WHO WAS SEEN TO DO THE GREATEST THINGS INSIDE THE FAMILY. We saw Skyler cheat which she later explained as the only time that she felt free, “not drowning,” vanquishing the tough times and almost everyone hated her even more for that.
At the back of everything, the what they call as the “bitch” is just doing her very best to fulfil every single task that she is ought to do.

Women’s submissiveness towards men was there since the beginning of time but thankfully, we are still fighting for the freedom of equality.

For entertainment’s sake, I understand that someone has to do something and the story line follows through. The concerning matter here is people’s blindness towards different perspective that the show has to offer, one being Skyler’s situation. The issue insinuated here is not Skyler’s interference but her role in the show that every household has – a woman. We question her action and existence inside the family but in real life, even worse things happen and sometimes the dominant one even delivers a physical abuse.

Why is Skyler being hated for being the woman who have the courage to look after her family?

Bad, even the worst things that a family could have ever face had happened but Skyler is one character who stood up the most. She knew that Walt was doing all the wrong things in a legal and moral point of view but she’s still beside him, still under him. It is quite a shame that people think of here like this when in fact she is just a fictional character carrying real world pains. She deserves all the applause.

Joining The Miley Train


Really, I put the live stream up to know who are going to receive which and what awards. Pretty happy with most recipients but a little disappointed with some.

The highlight, meaning one of the most controversial occurrence, was Miley Cyrus’ performance. Watching her perform, my thoughts were in between ‘I don’t actually care’ and ‘what is she doing?!!!!!!!!!!!’ After a few tweets and reading a couple of blog posts, I came to realise that I actually care or maybe I really should.

Many people are of the “Where is the old Hannah Montana?” issue and some are just about how she doesn’t really have an a** to be able to “twerk.”

Sure, the end of the semi-innocent Hannah Montana has come and everyone reacted differently but if I were to give my own opinion, I think I liked the change. How could she be her grown self if she wouldn’t at least change from being the young princess to a more mature person?

Although the massive change was acceptable, it is slightly appalling to see that Miley acts as if people’s say and opinions are irrelevant. It’s either she took the job more intensively than she should have to or she’s really showing off the other side. Is this the change that she wanted to achieve?
She’s Miley.

What is next?

3 People I Consider As My Hero (Modern Day Edition)

I’m just gonna assume that everyone has had a hero/character who they want to be or look up to.
You might’ve liked Superman at one point because he’s the “Man of Steel.” Maybe you are a fan of MLK because he has a dream and his determination was undeniably exceptional. Or Barney Stinson is someone you follow because you think that his ways are aw……..

As for me, I had lots. Today, I started idolising her because blah blah blah. The next day, I’ll find out someone who had the craziest story and add him/her to my “these are awesome people” list and it will be a huge pile of names.
From my list, I chose 3 people who I considered as my “hero.” No, not the Superman type nor that someone who saved me from doing silly things.

Here it goes.

  • Stefan Sagmeister

This guy from this post is probably the least exposed to everyday society. Sagmeister, for those who don’t know, is a designer who creates very distinct and revolutionary pieces.
I see him as if he was born for the sole purpose of visually enlightening people. Sagmeister is my hero because he shows what it really is to be bold, be different but in a non-cynical way and I think that’s what should people be like regardless of profession or societal disposition.
I’m glad that many people who think like Sagmeister are alive.

Not only is Stefan fond of designing, he also gives talks to inspire and advise people.
Here are some of which:
7 Rules for Making More Happiness
The Power of Time Off
Happiness by Design

So if you think Stefan is not your man because you’re not into designing, na-aah. His thoughts encompasses relevant issues in the society.

  • George Takei

I think you should like his page. Apart from being the Captain and soon Commander in Chief, he is also a comedic one. Sure, he’s not Spock but he thinks so logical in life. What can I say about this guy on being a hero to me? Nothing. He’s my hero for being a genuine George Takei.

  • Lena Dunham

I didn’t put her because she is, as well, a feminist. She has a story that everyone should know.
You might know her as Hannah Horvath from HBO’s Girls. Lena or must I say Hannah is definitely what I am currently. Stupid decisions and the good ol’ Carpe Diem, oh hey! I like her thoughts. I like how she doesn’t let negative, even harsh critiques get by the message she was aiming to send people.
Also, Lena shows that women, regardless of their size, is amazing. I strongly agree!
A lot have been reacting about how disdainful this girl is but it’s part of the media. Lena knows her game and for that reason, she is one of the best heroes I’ve come across in my years of existence.

I’ve got lots if I didn’t choose to put 3. Other of the meaningful people in life are Harper Lee, Macklemore, John Green and a lot more!
Really, there’d be thousands of people who would mould you. Not just yourself.


Disclaimer: My thoughts. My thoughts. My thoughts. MY. MINE.

Yesterday, I watched the latest episode of the British TV Series “Skins.” I’ve been watching that since its first season so I probably expected some things to happen as episodes and seasons go by.

So, going back…. I watched the Part 2 of “Skins:Fire” which features Effy and what her current life is.
It’s a progress – she’s working professionally now, making millions but still committing mistakes. However, it left me questioning: What did the writers think when making this final Effy episode? She’s still a badass but it doesn’t feature much of her grief and internal sufferings. This post would pretty much be a contradicting and awkward one.
Back then, she was crying inside her room, going crazy looking for Pato (her stuff toy) because she’s deeply discomforted by everything. Now, she didn’t go crazy by the mistakes she had done. She even smiled at the end (not saying what happened).
She’s still the same but the amount of her cleverness got into a whole different level – she’s a professional assistant turned trader now. She’s left the aggressive teenage part of her life.
So I thought, maybe  on this final one, she has to be a grown up, she has to change some things at some point (of course, what was I thinking?) BUT… I thought she’s gonna be more sinful, more arrrrr but no.

Let’s talk about the ending.
Why did she smile?
Because she had finally done something right? Because something is yet to come? Because someone is to save her? Because there’s a revenge with the final event? WHY?

Naomi’s character from her first appearance up to this one has developed a lot. That girl who made Cook show off his oh-so-amazing tattoo was one of the most flexible characters. Unfortunately, she had to face this huge phenomenon that would pretty much change her and Emily’s relationship. I’m hoping that they will show how these two will end up.

Other thoughts:

    What would Cassie be without Sid? (One of the most awesome couples)
  • If they did some sort of professional career with Effy, why haven’t they shown us how Tony, Jal, pretty much everyone in the first gen. went? The first generation was incomparable!
  • Cook was mentioned….. I’m coming back to Effy and Freddie. Eff, as far as I know, haven’t had that much affection towards anyone else. Who would’ve thought that she’s gonna turn completely around as soon as Freddie came and got way too attached with her?