Diary and Birthdays.. My Birthday!


I’ve been watching GIRLS for the longest time. I won’t deny that like almost everyone, I consider everything that these girls do and say and feel relates with me. Recently, the episode was all about Hannah, the main character’s, birthday. There in the birthday episode, there’s one line that I felt very closely acquainted with..

I’ve always had terrible birthdays. It’s kind of my thing.

Yep. I do.
When I turned 17, we were at the beach because some parental, despite my slight antipathy of the beach, chose to go there for the sake of belongingness. On my most awaited 18th birthday, I wished to have a day / night out with my friends and family. It didn’t happen because earlier that week, my mood was set shattered by some event. Now that I’m days away from being 19, something terrible just happened which I assume would last until next week.

Am I cursed? Is it a kind of my thing now?
I hope not. I’d like to think not.

I am really up for blaming someone for all these semi-troubled birthdays. But I just can’t.. Birthday, as my favourite event in my life, was meant to be happy and filled with gratefulness. My day is one of the few times of the year that only I get out of my miserable emotional cave.

But I just can’t..
But it’s okay because at least, I woke up and wow I’ve lived another year.


Like what I had in mind, the terrible thing is still going on. But hey, my sister and mum bought me a $5 cake from the nearest grocery shop and guess what.. it’s the best cake that I’ve had for a year. A cake made in diamonds is nothing against the cake that these amazing people had bought me in the middle of my distress, in my joyful birthday.

Here’s to more years!