Dancing has always been my first love. Since my kinder days, I was always involved with programs that included body movements. Performing arts centre was my second home. (School is out (though it’s inside school)!) The thing that came next, and now the number 1 is writing. You see, I’m not one of those superbly verbose, literate and smart writers. Presently, I write short stories and my emotional state. Writing is hard. I both love it and struggle in it, but I know that I cannot stop looking for my writing style. I know that someday, I’d perfect a writing piece. I cannot hope for the best now but I can work on it.

Any writers around? Talk to me! 🙂


First Months

Though I’m really excited to start the uni life next year, I feel like after everything (preposterously enough), I’ll still be that person who puts shit jargon inside sentences just so it will sound better.

No, I don’t want to write a book. I do, however, want to tell, share and create stories. Well, in essence, a semi-book but different because it’s not 100+ pages and compiled. Okay. I want something like a published blog; maybe a nicely done piece for an advertising agency pitch, or a regular script for a TV show, OR if lucky, a normal job at Al Jazeera.

I have never been to my first day but I had this instinct that my choices will either change immensely or not change at all when I reach the third  or fifth month. Either I’ll find it extremely hard and boring or I’ll force myself to work on it because I wanna keep going and it feels like I’m getting somewhere with what I’m doing.

I hope I enjoy the first three or five months.