Dancing has always been my first love. Since my kinder days, I was always involved with programs that included body movements. Performing arts centre was my second home. (School is out (though it’s inside school)!) The thing that came next, and now the number 1 is writing. You see, I’m not one of those superbly verbose, literate and smart writers. Presently, I write short stories and my emotional state. Writing is hard. I both love it and struggle in it, but I know that I cannot stop looking for my writing style. I know that someday, I’d perfect a writing piece. I cannot hope for the best now but I can work on it.

Any writers around? Talk to me! 🙂


Complete Opposite

Months ago, I was a high school student who played it cool yet got almost deranged because of the amount of work I have to finish. We were all on that stage.

I might’ve took that to the next level. My sleeping pattern got really loopy. Bedtime around 1AM to 3AM, wake up at 7 to prepare for school. To not fix my mental schedule was seriously one of the worst actions of my life.

Procrastination. AHA!


Recently, I planned to twist things. Luckily, I have a super flexible schedule for my lectures.
I couldn’t go exercising during the middle of the day because I’ve got assignments to work on. Couldn’t work out at night because that’s when I become so mentally active, I think of the most important things that I have to work on for tomorrow. Mainly though, I can’t go exercising in the middle or end of the day because I don’t really wanna enter a gym. So I thought, why not go for the good old way? Running in the morning.
I wake up early nowadays. 5- 6 in the morning, you’ll see me preparing or eating my cereal.

It feels like running in the morning is an essential part of a good lifestyle. I get to be healthy (along with moderation in everything), and I get to start the day very lively.

So why don’t ya?